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Una Noche:350 €
tres Noches:850 €
Noche adicional:300 €
7 Noches:1,900 €

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GUIDED by 50 € extra visits


Guided tours of the church of Santiago visits , where you can see oil paintings, bronze sculptures and clay art Fontino , fossils, herbarium , you can even climb the bell tower to spot from the air Pancorbo offered



La Ermita de San Mamés is located about 4km north of Bucksport, near Corrales called the Vincentians.  

For its northern part it presents the mound, artificial natural caves others, used as dwellings by primitive hermits since the fifth century was at its inception an important center of monastic life that starts from the Mozarabs, entroncado with the Monastery of Santa Maria de Valpuesta, but posteriormete this primitive monastery moved to the monastery of Santa Maria de Obarenes. He remained as a chapel until the eighteenth century until he suffered a devastating fire in 1767.  

The remains consist of the apse of the church, stylized semicircle whose central saetera window highlights a trefoil, which tear of the walls of which was the presbytery and the small ship that made up this temple; possibly the foot of the same they were formed by two large eremitorios, one of which consist of two tombs inside. In the rocky areas where they are carved in its small and irregular upper platform, the necropolis, formed by at least fifteen tombs carved into the tuff, most bathtub-shaped and at least one anthropomorphic is installed.
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